World Cup 2014

Hello EA is there maybe a possibilty to get the servers back for World Cup 2014? It's the last stand-alone World Cup game you've created and with the servers were going down, some options are currently unplayable. There is no possibilty to play the story of finals and you didn't get any point anymore. Although I train harder than before and have a lot more fun with this game. Since last week I've got my copie from UK, and this has one big surpise to me. The EA Sports Talk Radio modeIn the Dutch version, this was not available. It's very nice to hear and expire and still shows it's very worst you have create not a game for World Cup 2018 but only a DLC for Fifa 18. Because of World Cup 2014 is still the last full game, the server should be online.

I don't believe there is not enough space anymore on the server. Please let the serverse be availbe for the good of the game. As this is the anthem of EA, but for World Cup 2014 it's halfway gone.

Thanks in advance to restart the servers.


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