Splash my cash

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Got 3.5mil and lost interest in the game.
Which end game player would you buy to play around with for the odd game?


  • Metalfly
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    It really depends on who you have played with already and what your style of play is like. Someone like TOTY Messi is really fun, baby Eusebio is good too, TOTS Mbappe or Ben Yedder is always a favourite.

    For lesser used players that can be pretty fun you can look at someone like a PIM Del Piero, PIM Kluivert and Drogba can be pretty fun as they offer a very different playing style, not meta but still could score some goals.

    For midfield you can always try PIM Vieira or TOTS De Bruyne, or try out a league you haven't used much like a Chinese Super league triangle with TOTS Texeira, Hulk and Paulinho, or Argentinian triangle like TOTS Tevez, Salvio and Ignacio Fernandez, an Eredivisie left side with TOTS Promes, Van de Beek and Tagliafico.

    Plenty of choices.
  • JWNYsg
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    try building squads. more fun bro. enjoy
  • barryw
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    Put everything in PIM icon sbc
  • kraid
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    barryw wrote: »
    Put everything in PIM icon sbc

    This is my plan, my team is finished anyway bar some crazy 10 mill+ pull
  • Mossup
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    barryw wrote: »
    Put everything in PIM icon sbc

    :p Going Kamikaze with my players isn’t my style.

    Ta for the suggestions, really am just looking for ideas of meta/overpowered:fun players that I haven’t used.
    Don’t skill much, so that’s never an issue.
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