Your best pull this year?


  • iSptmnky
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    holdenwait wrote: »
    Tots Varane couple weeks ago, sold for a cool 900k, which I wasted on Luiz and Lenglet sbcs like an idiot

    I mean I wasted about 8M coins and I have no clue where they went, so I can fully relate brother
  • sido1968
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    TOTSSF Martinez from Milan from a league sbc pack. Sold for 1.65m. Bought 5 100k promo packs with some of the coins.
    First 100k, PIM Roberto Carlos.
    Untradeable TOTSSF Neymar from the Ligue 1 player pick sbc pack.
  • NucksNation
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    Just this week..

    Toty Mbappe
    Obj icon- 94 zizou
  • Mackie17
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    Tradable - FB hazard 1.4 at the time
    Untradable - tots Ronaldo
  • Muzza11
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    edited August 16
    Player: TOTY Mbappe
    Pack: Jumbo Premium gold players pack
    Tradeable: Yes
    When?: During TOTY, 5m sold for.

    Player: PIM R9
    Pack: Prime/PIM player
    Tradeable: No
  • Chappy
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    Chappy wrote: »
    Tradeable was TOTY Mane back when the team was first released. It was a rare player pack or a jumbo. Think I sold him for 2.2m or 2.3m.

    Untradeable, not sure. Probably TOTS Mane, to be honest, though he isn’t good enough to make my team. Maybe TOTS Varane or Ramos. No idea what pack I got any of them from.

    Oh yeah, I packed TOTS Mbappe untradeable. That’s my best untradeable pull by far.
  • Swanz05
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    Prime ZZ in December - 7.8 mil xbox
  • Legegg
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    ST 93 Neymar the week he came out. Was about 1.7m but I kept him until I sold eventually for 1.4 after his headliner came out.
    681 posts An Exciting Prospect
    TOTY VVD In January and PIM Vieira when moments cards were released.
  • Discard_IF
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    Tradable: Prime Stoichkov (silver 1 WL rewards), PIM VDS (Turkish league sbc), PIM Nakata (45k pack from store)

    Untradable: Prime Dalglish (rivals rewards mega pack) TOTS KDB (second chance at ultimate TOTS pack)

    Been a good year for pulls considering I've spent hardly anything on FP and just grinded leagues
  • Scutch
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    Prime Raul from Ultimate Pack in Store
    TOTY Kante from Juve Mega pack
    PIM Dalglish from Rivals Rewards
    each of them sold for 2m coins.

    TOTY CR7 from 89+ pack

    Also pulled a lot of special untradeables from upgrades.
  • chaser2k15
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    Had a fair few:

    99 Maradona

    TOTS Mbappe (Tradeable)
    TOTS Neymar
    Prime Carlos(Tradeable)
    Prime Pele
    Prime Ronaldinho

    TOTS Varane (Tradeable)

  • Professor
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    Tota Messi from LA Liga upgrade

    Prime Zidane and Prime Cruyff from Prime/moments icon upgrades.

    Tots Ramos and 99 VVD from futchamps red picks.
  • SimenHP
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    TOTY CR7 last night
  • SupaNoodle1990
    29288 posts Player of the Year
    Tradeable - Scream Otamendi 230k

    Untradeable - TOTS Griezmann 900k

    Prices were at the time obviously.
  • GeorgeGervin
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    Tradable - TOTSSF Aguero - 1.25m or something at the time

    Un - PIM Yashin - Fut Founder w/ 3 icons pulled (not bad) all 3 Yashin ... one a year the last 3 years. Not complaining as I never bother touching the GK position again through the year.
  • FUT_Moe
    1281 posts Professional
    Player: TOTY CR7
    Pack: Mega Pack
    Tradeable: No
  • Varane, again lol

  • Cadey 5
    12234 posts Has That Special Something
    TOTY Mbappe

    TOTY Ligt
    prime gold players pack
  • Jsennett92
    36 posts Park Captain
    TOTY Messi from a weekend league...
  • Drachenfells
    1308 posts Professional
    Tradable base Henry in first week sold for 850k

    Untradable toty kante from the new twitch pack.
  • Bas32Tevez
    35 posts Last Pick at the Park
    - Untradeable PIM Baggio
    - Jumbo premium gold pack

    (Got the pack for reaching lvl 7 in the season today)
  • Kloral
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    TOTY Ben Yedder from the 90+
  • Carswell
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    Kloral wrote: »
    TOTY Ben Yedder from the 90+

  • LeonidasJB
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    TOTY Ronaldo.
    5 x 82+20200904-221146.jpg
  • MaddMike3711
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    Mid Gullit during TOTY when he was like 4 million.

    TOTS Mbappe from Ligue 1 Guaranteed
    TOTY Ronaldo from an 89+ :)
    Had to update with with TOTS NeyGOAT. :sunglasses:
  • Carswell
    8566 posts League Winner
    LeonidasJB wrote: »
    TOTY Ronaldo.
    5 x 82+20200904-221146.jpg

    Well in @LeonidasJB
  • LeonidasJB
    17259 posts World Class
    Carswell wrote: »
    LeonidasJB wrote: »
    TOTY Ronaldo.
    5 x 82+20200904-221146.jpg

    Well in @LeonidasJB

    cheers mate.
    Now got a SS CR7 surplus to requirements.
    Just a shame there is only 1 month til new FIFA.
  • Crazy Creaky Jr
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  • Azablucky
    4318 posts National Call-Up
    TOTY Ronaldo, TOTY Messi, TOTY Kante, Prime Eusebio,
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