Your best pull this year?

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Now that the game is coming to an end, what was your best player that you packed? Please also state the kind of pack and whether it was tradeable or untradeable.

I'll start:

Player: PIM Cruyff
Pack: Premium Gold Player
Tradeable: Yes


  • Tietherope
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    I have one entry for value and one for rating

    Player: Prime Eusebio
    Pack: Prime Icon SBC
    Tradeable: No

    Player: TOTY Mbappe
    Pack: 50k pack from yesterday's TOTS objective
    Tradeable: No
  • WFCBagnall
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    PIM Drogba

    Prime Electrum

    Marquee Matchups
  • Crazy Creaky Jr
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    Tots Neymar w tots Ramos
    Rare gold pack
  • Hollandman
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    Tots Neymar(Guarenteed Ligue 1 Tots sbc)
    Tots Messi(Red)
  • FrankFrank
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    Untradeable rival rewards been good to me this year :D

    PIM Pele from a 50k pack.
    Base Zidane from a 50k pack
    (Zidane was 3 million at the time)

    Red KDB during Premier league tots.

    Nif Messi and tots Mane as my best tradeable pulls. Both sold for around 1 million
  • Maverick
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    Player: TOTYN Messi
    Pack: 50k
    Tradeable: Yes
  • ccooaattssyy
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    PIM Veron
  • RealM
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    99 KDB from 2 player pack 81+ upgrade.
  • SweetJesus101
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    prime Ferdinand
    50k pack
    pack from the season (5 or 6)
  • LeonidasJB
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    Tradeable : TOTS Son.
    When he was still 1.1m.

    Untradeable : TOTS KDB/SS CR7/TOTS WBY

    Icon packs : PIM Butra
  • iD33J91
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    Tradeable: HL Neymar (sold for 4M)

    Untradeable: TOTY Ronaldo
  • DWR
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    NIF Neymar x 2 (both from MM in the space of 3 weeks)
    OTW Ben Yedder from the guranteed SBC

    NIF Mane right at the beginning of the game from a season reward pack
    TOTS Promes from Premium Gold Players
    Prime Vieira / Dalglish from the guranteed SBC
  • Mike_Pickford
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    Future Stars Haaland
    Prime Golf Players Pack

    I was one of the first to pack him on the first day. Sold him for 3.7m at the time.

    Best pull ratings wise, and not too bad in terms of coinc value, was TOTS Ben Yedder during Ultimate TOTS. Sold him for a shade over 3m.
  • Tsarov
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    Tradeable TOTS Ben Yedder from 50 000 pack (?) as far as I remember. Pack for winning the... FUT Draft.
  • Bob_Dylan
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    FUT Birthday Sissoko
  • MaddMike3711
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    Mid Gullit during TOTY when he was like 4 million.

    TOTS Mbappe from Ligue 1 Guaranteed
    TOTY Ronaldo from an 89+ :)
  • freakjas
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    Tradable shapeshifter Ronaldo from a 2 player pack I believe
    Untradable it’s either prime Pelé from the icon swap pack or Toty de bruyne from an upgrade pack during toty.
  • Hippyboy6
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    Untradeable TOTS Neymar from twitch pack...... Also SS Ronaldo from a twitch pack.

    Prime Pele from Icon SBC
  • Edu
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    Toty kante, Toty cr99 , kdb99 untrade
    Toty salah, tevez, mid canavaro trade
  • Paawkyy
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    Headliners Varane untradeable
    Base Rivaldo untradeable at the very beginning of the game
  • Moe_Szyslak
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    Tradeable: NIF Griezmann, valued at around 270k at the time iirc.

    Untradeable: TOTY Mbappe from the 86+ a few days ago.
  • Chappy
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    Tradeable was TOTY Mane back when the team was first released. It was a rare player pack or a jumbo. Think I sold him for 2.2m or 2.3m.

    Untradeable, not sure. Probably TOTS Mane, to be honest, though he isn’t good enough to make my team. Maybe TOTS Varane or Ramos. No idea what pack I got any of them from.
  • Pikachu
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    Player: Middle Zidane
    Pack: Prime Electrum From Benzema SBC in November.

    Sold for 3.2M.
  • ComptonLAX94
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    Pack: Rare Mega Pack
    Tradeable: Yes
  • solnasolna08
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    Tots Cr7 Tradeable
    Tots Ben Yedder Untradeable
    Moments Zidane Untradeable
  • Diggy
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    NIF Neymar sold for 870k at the time

    Squad battles E1 rare mega

    Pretty bad really

  • Blackpoolmonster
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    SS Ben yedder when he was 1.4million.
  • Ozz
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    Untradeable: TOTY KdB (25k PL Pack)
    Tradeable: IF Neymar (Mega Pack from Bayern Munich SBC)
    Icon SBCs: Mid Eusebio
  • Finesse_4days
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    Untradeable - PIM Campbell, still in my team 1000 games later.
    FB Bale when he was actually a good card and over a mill.
    Tradeable, Messi from a 5k pack when he was about 450k in March and Neymar a few weeks earlier who sold for 400k from a daily sbc mega pack. So not bad compared to last year where I got nothing over 150k and nothing great untradeable.
  • Tots Varane couple weeks ago, sold for a cool 900k, which I wasted on Luiz and Lenglet sbcs like an idiot
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