FIFA 21 - Deep Dive into FIFA Pro Clubs

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Hello everyone,

We have just released a pitch notes article which goes into detail about upcoming updates to Pro Clubs.

You can read the full article here.

Let us know any thoughts you have about this in this thread.


The FIFA Team.


  • Vannogh
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    Dear Dev team ! Pls contact to me , my Discord ID : Vincent_Van_Gogh#7131
  • you should add substitution system in FIFA21 !!
  • al_93
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    EA do you know that not everyone likes UT?? how about putting effort into other game modes you have the money to do it so why not you claim you listen to community but it does not come across like that.

    What you have done this year is so LAZY its unreal all you have added to pro club is Club Managers to customize the AI Players in their Club. Customize up to five preset tactics is not new to fifa you could of updated this to club any time to be honest.

    Why not change pro club?

    Keep your own pro but I personally think every time a club is created a club should get a limited transfer budget to sign players every time you play games win cups or leagues It adds towards your teams budget to sign better players no REAL money involved.
    Only allow so many transfers inn and out it a week or a month. It would change it I think it would make it more fun.

    Not everyone will agree I know but reading the pitch notes for me i dont see much change for pro club this year again!!

    Pro club is getting boring in my opinion feels the same every year.Make pro club fun again
  • Will you bring back close up Celebration or at least an option for us to choose if the camera zooms in or not?

    Close up celebration is really an important thing, this was always the fun Part about Pro Clubs: creating your own funny/ugly/cool Pro and see them while celebrating
  • SHutcho
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    Is this seriously all you've come up with during development? Two...TWO??!?? features that are next to useless, especially when clubs is played the right way using a full 11 players!

    Who in the right mind cares about editing your AI players appearance and names???? :s

    Honestly this has to be a joke right?

    Looks like your just trying to kill the mode off. Might as well have made no changes at all for the worth these features give. Thanks EA for nothing!
  • 1- Add substitution System
    2- Bring back close up celebration
    3- add new customization of players(Tatoo)
    4- add new customization system of kits(More options)
    5- add new game mode
    6- add a competitive mode
  • achilbax
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    As soon as pro clubs has evolved a lot outside the game with creation of leagues such as VPG,VPL,VGL,VFL,This mean that needs to be changed the structure of divisions and give managers more tools to train their team in a lot of ways such as corners free kicks counter attacks and lot of other tactical situations.Developers need to understand tha Pro clubs this days is the most realistic approach in real football.In fifa 20 they created training ground but you can play only against pc players ,give more options with custom set up from managers ,let managers create custom set pieces ,so they can train their team in different situations .
  • Elias_Samson
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    ea gets a lot of undeserved criticism from the pro clubs community in my opinion.

    yes neither of the updates for fifa 21 interest me. i only play 11v so custom tactics and editing ai doesn't matter to me. nice feature if you do play low man i guess.

    the pro clubs community makes it sound like ea never does any work with pro clubs and that is totally untrue. firstly the gameplay change that happens to fifa every year applies to pro clubs. then there has been other updates such as extra time and penalties. design your own kit(ut doesn't even have that) design your own badge, be a gk and others.

    could ea improve pro clubs? yes, but no. ea can add in little things such as customization, tattoos, celebration, a clubs arena mode to prevent waiting in the lobby. but will any of this make the game more fun? probably not. players aren't going to use the arena instead of actually playing a game. tattoos will be forgotten about after a couple of games.

    who remembers around fifa 18 when jcc said pro clubs should get rid of the accomplishment book... now hes saying he wants it back. proving ea can't win either way with the pro clubs community.

    the biggest problem with pro clubs is it gets boring, and thats not because of ea or the game mode, its because of the players. if you had the option to play with good players the game would be fun all the time. instead players are forced to play with incapable players, or the players that are capable are only capable of doing certain things like hoofing from kick off(the better teams) which is still boring. in short, if you had the option to play with good players the game would never get boring, but unfortunately there's probably less than 5 players that can be considered good
  • fifa 21 i love
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