No More TOTW?

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Did I miss something? No TOTW today. Was hoping for one last upgrade for HL Auba


  • phep
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    Auba would (should) be a MOTM rather than a TOTW. Really thought we’d see something to replace TOTW this week though...
  • Jpo41
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    Last year they did MOTM for the FA cup....I was kind of hoping he would be an SBC. I love his POTM card
  • Gloria_ou_Morte
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    Yeah, I was also hoping for a deserved Auba MOTM.
  • Doaves
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    No marquee matchups last week either?
    I'm assuming none tomorrow.

    Still plenty of leagues around the world that are going that could give us some marquee SBC's?
  • JPRM71
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    Would be nice if they continued the TOTW Moments theme again.
  • Kaldmann_X
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    Extremely lazy
  • tzinc
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    programmers switching to 21
  • JWNYsg
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    last week was last bro
  • Mogga
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    Thought Ceballos was MoM in the Cup ?
  • spy
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    So TOTW is back but doesn’t look like any threads about it. 93 Salah best card but doesn’t look like his headliner has been upgraded - EA being lazy or have they stopped upgrading them?
  • Drachenfells
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    Totally surprised that tote is back to be honest, headliners and one to watch cards were only for the current season, it's a new season so they will not be upgraded again.
  • Hugoku
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    edited September 17
    well, at least there will be a reason to open the packs. I'm saving some (not so great), just in case something comes up on friday. Not holding my breath though. Just waiting to pull the trigger and spend what I have left in coins and club in PIM SBC.

    But man, I opened like 80 common gold upgrades last week. I could've got me some totw
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