Please EA in FIFA 21 ban the cheaters

36 posts Park Captain
Please EA use some anti cheat software next year on PC platform ( Punkbuster or Anti-Cheat).
In higher divisions or in WL sometimes the game is unplayable. Lot of users are using Green timed shot cheat, or the legacy defending cheat, or the stamina cheat and In WL You will find at least 5-10 players whose are using it.
It would be really important for Us ( The players whose are playing on PC ).
I hope we will see some improvement.


  • shadowlee
    124 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    you got no chance of it stopping, either accept it or move to console for less cheats like i have . Every year same moaning posts, and people still buy it again, the cycle repeats . Do not buy it or go console , sucks i know but what option you got, it is not gonna change
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