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Hello everyone,

We have just released a new pitch notes article going over the FIFA Game Data Centers for FIFA 20. In this article Joel Doonan (Live Producer) discusses in detail the recent addition of the Dallas Game Data Center & how we approach any further additions.

You can read the full article here.

Let us know any thoughts you have about this in this thread.


The FIFA Team.


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    There are no servers in Eastern Europe. We suffer, not play football. Study the situation. And do something about it!
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    EA ----First off, I want to preface the data I am about to go through here with some details around one of our goals. With Online Gameplay Responsiveness being a key focus for our team, we have a number of internal targets that we are striving to hit related to network metrics. One key network metric is the concept of a player’s ping, which is the measurement of how long it takes for a packet of game data to be sent, from your console or PC to the Game Data Centers and back.

    Me---The low reactivity involved is not always linked to poor network quality. The proof is that I often play at less than 10ms and that I do not feel any latency in the game, and despite everything, there is always a problem with reactivity. I think it's also related to the gameplay where the speed is too slow, you need to increase the responsiveness and the default execution speed of the players in the game. I think it can also be related to the hardware of the current consoles and to old technologies. The PS5 and others could improve this, you need to look at the hardware side as well.

    Regardless of how you build the most efficient infrastructure, there will always be more or less connection or network issues, and where the player or EA cannot interfere, or immediately. One of the solutions would be to compensate with an artificial intelligent system.

    The problem is also that you are stuck in making a simulation game, but most of the current real matches are still quite slow, which makes the responsiveness problem worse. EA must find a better compromise.

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