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Are there any worth buying sub 400k? I realise most of not all will be inferior to nearly all TOTSSF and SH cards but I’m just a bit bored tbh. Not too fussed if they are inferior , looking more for the ‘fun’ appeal. Thinking of ZOLA, PIM JJ, pirlo, Figo etc



  • Finesse_4days
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    Some are still good and offer quite a lot, under 400k I like Moments Rush, Moments Raul, Moments Seedorf and Moments Veron the most. Rush is great if you want a clinical striker with great finishing on both feet, Seedorf is a very good box to box player with a lot of strength and ability to run forward with the ball and finish. Raul has good finishing as well but is more of a skill full and smooth player than Rush and has the 4*skills just not as good weak foot.
    Veron has unreal passing, is strong and can defend well, just isn't that fast or agile at this stage. Moments Hierro with a shadow on is strong and solid in defence and can pass very well just lacks rapid pace at times.
  • Tboon
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    Moments Rush scores everything and feels also surprisingly agile.
  • Kobayashi
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    On the 92 Rush he has 5* wk foot upgrade only 220k
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