Is there a way to see people's stats in FUT?

By people I mean our human opponents. I remember in FIFA 14 there used to be a way to do this over that EASFC site or whatever it's called. There was a tool like on this video that used to look people up on the site and displayed their stats in a web browser, so if you saw that someone has insane stats or very low pass accuracy, it was sure that person was a cheater.

So being that EA will never lift a winger to fix this, is there a way to still look people up like this?


  • madmarman40
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    No, they removed it so it's easier to cheat and get away with it, they want the pc version dead and have for a long time now. they know the majority of people will get a console and buy the game on that which it costs more also the console has a higher chance of spending money on the game as more people have payment methods set up on a console generating even more money from the gambling aspect of the game which should make this game an 18 rated game but somehow they have avoided this up to now
  • Ah, I see. Then there is really no point in buying the PC version ever again.
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