Simulating games before International breaks = nono

1 posts Ball Boy
I noticed that most of my simulated losses came from matches right before internationals breaks.

So I replayed these games by starting a new career fresh and simming to the match.
I didn't just back out and reload the same file to sim the same match over because it's the same effect happens when you restart the games that feel unplayable, only for you to win 5-0.

I choose Atalanta(manager)
I didn't edit anything. Transfer window closed. No preseason.
I simulated straight to the 2nd match (calendar).

@Atlanta against Torino.
An incredible 3-10-7....this is not how it usually goes, EVER.
Multiple 3-1 loses....

I'd understand a somewhat even record but on my turf? and 4 1/2 vs.

I usually sim home games and play away games, but now I won't ever skip another game right before an international break.
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