Pro Clubs needs to be like NBA2k neighborhood! Everyone view and post on this to move to top!

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Will you guys ever do pro clubs like nba 2k neighborhood?? I feel the fifa community has been asking and wanting this for awhile.. I feel it would gain more traction and revenue than FUT.. do a VOLTA style 3v3 at an indoor park and then have the rec fields for 11v11 and so on and so forth.. is this possible?? Taking the idea of neighborhood and introducing to PRO CLUBS? And then doing buyable items and career to level your guy up? I feel everyone just cheats your main pro clubs system and they don’t work for it so it would be nice to have the nba 2k neighborhood concept on fifa.. I wouldn’t play another game honestly..

Is there a way to start a petition if they will not try this concept?

Everyone post to this and put it to the top.. let’s have our voices heard for once on change!!


  • Everyone post to this to start it! Let’s get posts and likes!!! Move this thread to the top!!
  • agentxyz2
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    I agree with that man. maybe not pro clubs since that has it own history but maybe Volta squads would be smart
  • alex1987
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    Agree but game is finished, no chance on getting this before fifa 22
  • Boysie91
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    Problem with 2k is if you're low ranked people won't team up with you and can never get a game.
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