Fifa 21 Gameplay: Issue already discovered



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    Gromit wrote: »

    What, and we all have to follow your rules, your way of thinking? Get a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ grip of yourself.

    I didn't buy 18 or 19 at all, yet I was still on the forum, and here I am an owner of 20 with almost 3k games played and a 95 rated squad.

    I'm a fan if the franchise as a whole, is that not evident by the fact I'm on a forum for the game?

    Just because you don't FULLY enjoy something doesn't mean you cannot be interested or have a point of view.

    Is the game perfect? No, could it be better? Yes, I've gotten enjoyment out of it. 2.9k games played. And some of it is horrendously bad, read the other posts from other users fanboy. If people just accept it as bad then maybe it will always be bad.

    If you still can't grasp the above then sorry there's nothing more I can say to you. I'm not here to please you or conform to your rules. If you don't like it then jog the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ on.

    Not fully enjoy? "Pointless" and "broken".
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    Clemster wrote: »
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    Every game has flaws and Fifa is no different. Learn the game do what you can to exploit the flaws in your opponent and the game to try and win.

    Dont expect perfection and dont hold the game up to your image of perfection. Fifa is the best football game in the world. Pes has flaws too.

    Be realistic and enjoy the game, dont use flaws to excuse your defeats. Take responsibility because it's the same for both players.

    The fact you are trying to spot flaws in 4 seconds a trailer shows me you wont take any of this advice which I think is a shame.

    I think it’s a shame that this post is nothing more than just a long version reply of “Git Gud” to the OP. 😐

    I find it tragic also that this thread had users on it that think fifa 20 is "pointless" and "broken" and have said already they won't be buying 21. Why waste your own time?

    Lol some people don't understand the point of a forum.

    You do realise it is a place to suggest improvements, talk about flaws and glitches, issues etc.

    Its not just about ...."wow that card is sick man" lol

    If EA did make changes, make the game fun again, find a way to bring bronzes and silvers back. Then no doubt I'd buy it.

    You are the tragic one here @Clemster all you do is criticise other users opinions, you must be a really great guy IRL.

    My posts are about the game, nothing more nothing less, if you need to satisfy your ego trying to troll people carry on fanboy like I've said before, I've been here for years, even the 2yrs I didn't buy it.

    I've been a fan of the franchise since before you were born I imagine, I want it to be good, even if its not right now.

    The irony. You slate my opinion and are then abusive towards me, whilst reminding me what a forum should be used for. You were not a fan of the franchise bs born. Get your facts right or don't make statements you do not Know are right. It is not constructive to use a forum for users to just have a rant/tantrum.

    What I do, say, think is sweet FA to do with you, as I've already suggested you should concentrate on commenting about the game, not other users. Which you seem to do more than anything.

    Take your own advice mate, if you don't like something then don't bother with it. Its ❤️❤️❤️❤️ tragic to see you following me all around the forum.

    Right so you do what you want and I will do what I want. Sorted.


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    BuZuS wrote: »
    SBaggio59 wrote: »
    The game will be filled with bugs and inconsistencies, as EA is not a sufficiently competent company.

    EA does anything.
    Easy fix: don't buy the game + delete your account. You're welcome.

    Thank you for your help. Frankly, this is a great idea, thank you very much. All right, Commander.
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    Some people forget what the forums are for. Firstly they are to let EA know about issues with the game and that includes features that players are not happy with.

    Everyone has an opinion (doesn't mean they're right or wrong) and if you bought the game you are perfectly entitled to vent your feelings one way or the other.

    Debating other opinions is great but attacking people personally for having an opinion different to yours is inane.
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    Gameplay bugs will be ironed out before launch and the game will be perfect during Early Access.

    Then some youtubers will moan and the bugs will be brought back patch by patch after about week #3.
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    PirateW wrote: »
    Gameplay bugs will be ironed out before launch and the game will be perfect during Early Access.

    Then some youtubers will moan and the bugs will be brought back patch by patch after about week #3.

    You on a wind up? LOL I think you have the wrong forum cause this is EA we are talking about. And when they do get the gameplay near perfect they go and change it.

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