Stand out Legends?

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So I am going to venture into making subs to use some different players and I am in need of a CDM. However looking at some of the prices, I may get a few.
I am in need of a CDM, someone to play RAM and possible CB ( move Ramos to CDM ). Only going to spend around 1mil.


  • WFCBagnall
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    Effenberg, Brian and Blanc
  • Zz Spireiite x
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    Crespo, Costa, FUTre
  • JohnChelle
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    Kluivert, brian, hagi , effenberg, michael to name a few
  • RealM
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    Was looking at Blanc, know a lot of people think he is really good. I want Butraguno but can't afford him :(
  • Diggy
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    Get Hagi & vieira if u can't afford vieira get Effenberg
  • LuckyStrikE
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    Yes hagi Vieira and any legend CB is good. I think u will have enough for campbell and he is the best value CB imo
  • RealM
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    Was looking at some players, I can move Ronaldo LAM and have Owen ST. Figo RAM, buy Blanc and move Ramos CDM.

    With people saying Hagi, changing my mind now :blush:
  • Glass0nion
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    If youre looking for a cdm get vieira. Hes still the best at his position.

    Attacking mids Id recommend rui, suker, Gullit, Brian, Mike.

    Cb gotta be Desailly
  • Could Michael L play as a CM?
  • Jimmyb83
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    Pires is stunning for me in this team.


    Scores just about every finesse shot outside the box.
  • sH0Tz
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    Hagi is the most perfect CAM I've used. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Jack744
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    Depends how you play but Kluivert is an absolute monster as a lone forward. So strong, 4*/4*, so good in the air it feels almost like cheating. Effenberg also bosses midfield for me.
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