Solo lags while duo does not

I almost always play season duo with a friend over net. I feel the connection most of the time is very good. Then when i play solo it laggs and feels shoppy, a constant delay. Makes the game feel uneaven, tiresom, slow and just boring playing solo. Is this just me or is this normal?


  • Bonusb3rtie
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    Its not normal unless one of you has a bad connnection.

    A good way to check this is start the game and hit pause JUST before kickoff. Then while it is paused for 30 seconds, look at the camera sweeping around the pitch. If it is smooth it will be a smooth game. If it is choppy, it will be a choppy game with lag.

    If it is choppy just exit before kickoff and search a new game. You will not be penalised with a loss.
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