World Cup 2006

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Dear all,

Hopefully some can help me. I'm a huge fan off the World Cup games by EA sports. It'was a really shame for me that last weeks the severs went down for World Cup 2014. I'm still playing this lovely game, with the most impressive crowd ever and an unique game playing atmosphere. Meanwhile I slighty play the FIFA's.
Beside that I've got some questions about another lovely world cup game!

For World Cup 2006 I've got 2big question about one of the most lovely games EA Sports has ever made. I've asked 2 times to EA sports, but until now, nobody could answer me.

Here are my questions.
In the game there are several starplayers. Maybe someone has a list
of all these starplayers. I'll found some on the internet, but not complete as Bolivia and Japan had
both an (extra) one, but these players were.not listed.

Second question:
Where all beautiful pictures per country taken?
What a beautiful concept was the facts about the countries show up with some very,very nice pictures of the countries before starting up a game. A real, real pleasure and cool information.

Hopefully my questions are clear and I'll hope that someone have answers on it.
Thanks in advance.


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    I remember been impressed with the atmosphere in one of the World Cuo games. I think it was 2010 World Cup.

    Now I think about it, Fifa World Cuo were the first Fifa games I played way back with Fifa 98 and Fifa Road To World Cup 98. So much fun playing through all the qualifiers to the final.

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