After 2 weeks of flawless gameplay, it's back to "normal"

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Had so much fun playing this game the last two weeks it's been the best fifa I've ever played.

Turned the game on today and it's back to a delayed and unresponsive mess restricting how I can play the game.

In the good gameplay it took me a day to adjust as players were so much faster and there was alot more power on their shots, like the game is intended I believe. However now it almost feels like my sprint button is broken and I'm having to power up passes and shots more. It's literally two complete different games we have and each time we switch it on we don't know what one we're getting.

I believe it's overloaded and poor servers but there's possibly other things like the engine and when you mix everything together it gives us the mess we have now.

And EA are obviously well aware of the problem and how to fix it but that would cost them money.

I notice there's stages where I have the worst gameplay ever and others have flawless gameplay and vice versa. It's almost like EA takes turns of prioritising regions so that at some point everyone will have great gameplay and at some point everyone will have terrible gameplay.

Here's an idea EA, why not invest so we can all have that great flawless gameplay. It would actually do more good than harm. All the complaints and bad reviews would take a u-turn. And people would be more likely to spend money on a game they throughly enjoy.

Anyway that's the rant over but seeing as I sang your praises when the gameplay was upto standards, it's only fair I slate it when it's in a terrible state.


  • Gnomenclature
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    Same. Last week was excellent. Nearly unplayable since Thursday.
  • Ballerson
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    Regarding passing, spot on. For them to hit a target the pass has to be powered up...there’s absolutely no touch. Same for through balls — go anywhere... hard passes are a total toss up as to where they’ll go...

    Its such garbage.
  • Goodgod10
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    Is there a definitive answer as to why this is or just lots of guesswork? The OP sums up my year to date perfectly.
  • Bonusb3rtie
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    Ive been playing alll week with zero issues online.
  • MUFC_420
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    joehuk wrote: »
    Didn't i warn you? :joy:

    that's why I NEVER EVER come to the forums and say WOW the gameplay is absolutely outstanding, everything is brilliant etc etc becuase i know there's so many out there struggling at the same time the gameplay for me is ok.

    gameplay is far to inconsistant to even compliment this game in any shape or form, even under good gameplay it's not worth complimenting.

    not ONE single 1v1 game has this issue and it's such a shame.

    Fair point mate haha

    This game truly is a shambles. Our only hope is next gen but I've very sceptical.
  • PaulDr
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    Same experience here
  • YidArmy
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    Ive been playing alll week with zero issues online.

    Hey @Bonusb3rtie what you doing in these parts haha. FUT is played on dedicated servers unlike Seasons. Seasons is P2P so relies on your own connection and your opponents. Whereas with FUT you are at the mercy of the EA server lottery for a smooth game.
  • Mmandras
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    Draft was ok. But yeah, gameplay was smooth the last two days. It was fun while it lasted.
  • d3b4s1s
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    I’v never had a full day of ‘flawless’ gameplay :neutral:
  • Clancy
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    EA bought more servers, didn't see any uptick in the amount of FIFA points being sold, and then said "well ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that, why are we even paying for these new servers??"
  • MUFC_420
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    Clancy wrote: »
    EA bought more servers, didn't see any uptick in the amount of FIFA points being sold, and then said "well ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that, why are we even paying for these new servers??"

    They can't just claim to buy more servers when gameplay stays exactly the same and expect people to reward them 🤣

    Actions speak louder than words. When we see big changes in the gameplay then I'm sure they will see a rise in profits.
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