Simple edits to make Career Mode better

Simple edits
• Allow us to change top, shorts, socks manually – different combinations instead of presets (example is fifa 20 barcelona gold kit in rl is all gold, in fifa 20 it has navy shorts…) adds realism and customability to the game

Career Mode
• Wide variety of teams should be available in browsing jobs – not just the league you are in and top teams from one other top league. For instance, if I am deep into a career mode and want to switch to a lower league, I cannot. Even if I want to switch to a sub-par team in the same league I cannot. This would add more realism as well. Example: team gets bought out by billionaires and offers you the job, or you can take on a project job.
• Allow us to change other teams kit numbers – a few years into career mode and you have top teams with multiple players with numbers such as 42 – 50 – 38 on their kit, very unrealistic – this could be done through allowing us to have a squad view hub of other teams
• A squad view hub could also enhance the edit player function. As of now, you have to edit a player, it boots you back out to the career mode home screen, then you have to go back to edit player and go all the way to the team you were editing players for. Adding a squad view could let us stay on the same team to edit players. This would save so much time for editing academy players, regens, and editing player boots
• Allow us to search for players that are 84 and up, like the older FIFA’s allow us to do detailed searches of player attributes, nationalities, teams, etc.. for players with rating 84 and up. These players stats come up when you search anyway, but currently you can’t send a scout out to search for a player that is 84 + CDM with 80 acceleration and 80 balance for example. If there stats are already available, we should have this easy search function to save us time. Especially if it players we have already sent a scout out for.
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