Can you beat a Silver squad in rivals

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Played a guy who’s obviously skilled and better than I — but his scrub silvers on ai were way faster than my entire team.

How does a skilled player make an ai controlled 72 rated silver striker (Sau) with 31 defending 38 aggression beat 93 rated seedorrf to the ball, make up 2.5 meters in a split second?

Heres the rest of the dudes team. who had these as his core in a 4231:
Gk. 73 Kolar (silver)
Cb Khamounisu 73 (silver)
Cb Kudela 73 silver
Cm Frydek 72 silver
Cm. Hetemaj 74 silver
Sau 72 striker
Waldo 74
Mendy lb
Ronhaldino cam
Garrincha rm

Yeah, I know I am average at best at the game...but what do you do when scrub squads even ai controlled vastly outperform your good teams??
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