Why is player career mode so unrealistic?

Fifa Fifa Fifa same old Fifa. Main gripes are the same gripes. I am a player who prefers a bit of “me” time so I’m not a fan of Ultimate Team or a manager career mode and I do feel that that is something that has been badly bypassed for years now. Some of us just want the simplicity of creating a player and playing as them and having a career. The idea initially was excellent but each year it has received less and less attention. Let’s start from the beginning. Simple things like appearance - not enough variety with hairstyles that are actually something you would see on the man or woman on the street. Facial hair is a joke let’s be fair nobody is allowed to look like Tom Hanks in Castaway despite you using Frostbite which should be capable of handling such intricacies. Why can’t tattoos at least be earned to place on your pro? Why am I 6’5 but my pro looks like he’s just above 5’7 on the pitch and in celebration cut scenes? Why such a lack of body types? Why can’t I preset that I want to wear an undershirt in winter only? Simple simple things. A lot of people have mentioned maybe bringing the journey back but you create your own player. It’s a great idea but I can see why with speech it would be quite a challenge but the above are basic come on. Part 2 is the in game elements. Why as a Blackpool player would I be taking part in a 4 team European cup instead of having a friendly against a couple teams a league below or a nice visit from a premiership giant. Why do I have to ask to be put on the transfer list if I’m playing well - a 17 year old showing promise is going to be inquired about surely? Why does my boss not pay attention to good passes, runs, pre assists but bemoans me “not keeping my shape”? Why is a 10 performance only merited after a hat trick? Why do I miss games through “tiredness” or “bad form” and my boss doesn’t think how about I bench him? Fifa then says “play as you or team?” If you choose yourself you watch and wait - plus it doesn’t always need to be guaranteed you’ll get on. The other leagues!! My biggest gripe. This year is the year of the elite and it’s boring. Teams are steamrollering through leagues to the point where an invincible season is almost a must and not an achievement best so far - Celtic 99 points and 8 goals conceded - PSG 112 and 7 goals conceded - Liverpool 108 with 11 conceded not to mention the cakewalks for the likes of Ajax and Bayern I could go on. Yes teams are greatly superior to others in some respects but fifa 20 player career mode takes the biscuit - teams at the bottom finishing with 5 points in the Prem - a chasm between 6th and 7th - erratic teams like Spurs, Arsenal, Dortmund, Monaco, Lyon, Atletico, Galatasaray I could name many more all finishing every season with 90 plus points regularly. This kills the game immensely - do I really want to join a top team that it’s win or bust every game or do I want to be safe from relegation with a 19 point haul for the season? No I want realism - I want shocks I don’t want to see 100 points here there and everywhere. I want to see 50 points not be enough to keep you up in the championship or league one it’s nothing to ask at all. Next the stadiums as I mentioned Championship and League one why when I’m on a stinking run are the fans so loyal? I want empty seats - even successful teams have empty seats down the divisions not everyone can afford to go to a game. Overall on the game try harder to bag certain licenses - Ligue 1 and Serie A should be next on your list these are top leagues that let’s face it would be better represented by you than Konami. The stadia the players it would be immense. Make use of the licenses you do have to make sure every player is either scanned or recreated you’ve got the tech use it. Face upgrades one word - Ozil - he hasn’t been touched for years and he is one of many who could do with an update. Commentary have a word there’s a tonne of voice talent you can add to the list - Bill Leslie, Garry Taphouse, Daniel Mann, Rob Hawthorne I could go on it needs switching up and commentary needs to be more in tune with what’s on the pitch and how a season is going - as I alluded to earlier in my essay points totals are ridiculous - Alan smith saying Norwich aren’t having a good season despite having 109 points that only got them 3rd behind Burnley 112 and Sheff U 110 - see how wrong that all sounds. Gameplay needs to be faster that’s the modern game you have to keep up with that. Through passes if aimed forward go forward. Goalkeeper mechanics need to be cleaner with more realistic dives. More activity on the bench and players in track jackets with club logos. Real GK kits down the English divisions. Dynamic weather. Potential addition of the National League and I do feel you should be looking at the championship as a possible full licence too for its sheer magnitude. I have gone on I apologise but it’s £55 that ain’t cheap guys for a game that repeats itself year on year. It has everything to be the best but it has to be applied. Right that’s my rant over I’m sure there’s more but it’s getting late thank you for listening to me and I hope Fifa can be the game it should be.


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