SH Vinicius

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Is anybody else struggling to get him to impact games? I’ve tried him at cam, on the wing in a 442 and at striker and he is just missing from games. Seems so weak and not very fast.

Had a marksman on him but thinking of putting him in for Ribery


  • hiya
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    yeah, he's crap
  • Ishibum
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    I gave up trying tbh and fired him into the icon SBC. Same complaints as you, basically. Totally anonymous in-game.
  • Izzy2K17
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    He’s a beast for me, silky dribbling, super fast, and a helluva shot on him. He’s my favorite LAM I’ve used so far
  • barryw
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    edited July 18
    I think he's More impactful than SH Ribery for me.
    And I'm playing him as LCAM and Ribery as CCAM.
    Ribery is the one who goes missing for me and misses chances. I have some regrets doing the sbc
  • OZero
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    He is very strong for a player with immense dribbling.
  • Efrenc90
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    Currently playing him at LW in a 433 formation and he’s beast. Always cut in with him and curve it to the right corner. Scores some curlers
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