What Is Up With Job Applications

Being hired for new jobs is absurdly flawed. Not only do clubs reject you constantly but the consistency of what jobs are available is bonkers.

One: itll give you a set of jobs (seemingly taking turns from league to league). If you apply for one and get rejected. Suddenly the other jobs that were right there are gone. And you have wait until another set comes.

Two: what in the world is the criteria for being excepted?!?! I just brought bloody Portsmouth to the champions league yet I cant get hired at Granada, Freiburg, or Parma??? Idiotic.

Three: unfair board expectations. Not only are the expectations glitched and wont recognize criteria you actually met but will just place you a 60-55 even though I, as Portsmouth are second in the league with criteria being only finish in UCL spot. Just got the round of 16 in FA, EFL, and UCL tournement. Yet my manager score is 60 and THIS appears to be why I cant get another job. SO FRUSTRATING


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