What Is Career Mode Missing?

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Currently FIFA career mode seems to lack various elements that many would see as essential in the real football world. It doesn't seem like a challange to be a manager in FIFA. The only thing that keeps you on your toes is making sure you're players aren't fatigued and rotating them at the right times. Obviously the on the pitch game can be challenging but the actual management side just seems too easy, you almost have nothing to do. There are also certain things gs that are missing from career mode that would be ESSENTIAL if I was in charge. I will explain a couple in the next post.


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    Squad cohesion. What ever happened to players building relationships on the pitch? Currently you can play an 11 that has never played together and it makes zero difference. What about players being coached to play certain formations? They have a similar thing in FUT, so we know they can do it.

    Probably the biggest thing for me that almost ruins the Career mode experience is the fact there are ZERO accumulated stats for the 15 seasons. Career mode is supposed to be about progression and about looking g back at what your players and your team has achieved. At the conclusion of EVERY season, the player stats are wiped clean, so all that hard work, those assists, those goals dont exist and have zero impact on the future. I mean, actually having a stat database in CM would, apart from being realistic, give the user some other "goals" apart from trying to win trophies. You can break appearance records, goal scoring records, assist records etc. There is something so disheartening about moving into the next season on FIFA, it's like you have to start from scratch again.

    Stats on your team and individuals should be in the game as well. I'm not asking for anything special, just like the FUT mode shows your average possession, the stats are already tracked just not displayed to us. Why not let us see average passes per match, average possession average shots for against etc. It wont just be more interesting and realistic to look at but it may also help the user use it as feedback for how to I prove their performance.

    Players should be able to learn a limited number of traits, why can a player that has been captain of my club for 10 years not have the leadership trait? If a player goes over a certain period of time without injury, give them the solid player trait. Or somebody that is used as a sub often have the team player trait.

    Young players playing in European cups should gain certain mental attributes more quickly than ones who are not playing in CL or EL. Things like reactions and composure which lack in youngsters should be boosted.

    Players never fall out or rarely ask for a transfer, it all feels too easy!

    Many more to come!
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