Player Career Mode Suggestions (MASSIVE)

Hey guys, so the thing is i have been playing NBA 2k20 MyCareer mode these days and i have realized the cool the player career mode could be if EA is able/willing to introduce features like the following:

• Sponsorships: Wouldn’t it be nice if when starting your career mode you could select the sports brand u want to collaborate with? Of course we could have Nike, Adidas, New Balance... and the sponsorships could generate cash to our player that could be used to several things as improving our stats or buying boots or something like that.

• Contracts negotiation: Seriously, it is just awful that if u want to develop all your career in the same club u earn the same salary through all your career, getting payed the same being 75 overall and being 95 overall, so it would be great if our player could negotiate salary increases or an improvement of his role in the team.

• Influence transfers: I would personally enjoy if our player was able to influence transfers, that is, ask the directive board or the coach to buy a determined player and depending on how that player would match, his salary or his market value, the transfer is accomplished or not.

• Personal fans: Imagine your player having personal fans which would increase if the player performs a good match. Obviously, while increasing your personal fans you improve your sponsorship contracts generating more income.

• Tattoos: Yeah, the player is just too simple without tattoos for me too and it is just something simple to add since we have seen it already in Alex Hunter mode since Fifa 18, so why can’t they add them to our own player?

• Social Media: It is too much but who wouldn’t enjoy it? Imagine selecting photos to upload after a game or a training giving us the possibility to increase followers too.

• Select a specific team to which we want to get transfered: It happens to me a lot that when being transferable the offers that i get are not from the clubs i want so it would be great to select a team to which we want to get transfered and each team has a percentage of interest in our player, so depending on the interest percentage, the transfer would take place or not.


  • Tattoos
  • mams
    2 posts Ball Boy
    I think the sponsorship suggestion will never happen (it's a cool idea though). I do like the idea of picking a team that you want to transfer to.
  • ChrisW1991
    1142 posts Professional
    Would be good if they actually let you have a contract when your with a club, PES have it where you sign a 2-3 year contract, even a little addition like that would be much better
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