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So here we are again, the Fifa 21 version of a mode that hasn't been updated now for 10+ years! Please EA at least improve it for us offline players to give us the options "in-game" that the data reviewers get behind the scenes, like the "Cold Weather Gear" option (This will fix the winter gear bug!) and being able to edit generic player faces by opening up the "Head" section in Edit Real Player!! We should also be able to change things like a player's celebration, (for example Fellaini's real life celebration is in the game but not set too him by default and I cant manually give it him! Also Lukaku has been wrongly set a triple moonsault celebration that we cant change!?) Also, players running styles, free-kick / penalty stances, generic player faces etc should all be editable!! So why not add the Animations section from Create Player to Edit Real Player too so we can edit them ourselves??? In fact just open up all the sections that you get in Create Player for Edit Real Player too!! This mode is in dire need of a complete revamp, here are a few suggestions on how Edit Real Player / Create Player should look:

1. Edit Generic Player Faces? If you can't scan players or give them custom faces at least unlock the "Head" section in Edit Real Player to let us edit them to make them slightly resemble the player!! Managers included, as a lot of teams have the same preset faces from Manager Career and they get repetitive..

Here is why we should be able to edit generic faces in Edit Real Player:

See Bruno Fernandes in Fifa is generic, but with the right tools you can create a better looking face for him, even though it is still a generic one. We should be able to do this to the original player in Edit Real Player without having to create a whole new player!!

Also see:

EA's Bruno Fernandes vs my Created Player Bruno Fernandes which just took me 30 minutes..


2. Created players should have their Star Head as a display picture instead of a blank silhouette!!

3. Stop giving players Sweat Bands as Wrist Tape.. Wrist Tape is in the game!!!!! Even though it's still PS2 graphics and needs updating, here is a Wrist Tape setting from MLB: The Show:

4. Cold Weather Gear Option: Data Reviewers get the option to manually edit a players Cold Weather Gear.. Add this in to Edit Real Player / Create Player! This would fix the Cold Weather Gear bug!! Make Cold Weather Gear options for managers in Manager Career Mode too, instead of just putting a coat on our manager by default in the Winter, we might not want them to wear one!!

Example Player:

Normal Gear: Short Sleeves
Cold Weather Gear: Undershirt

Example Manager:

Normal Gear: Shirt & Tie
Cold Weather Gear: Jacket

5. New Colour Option - Same As Kit: We should be able choose the colour "Same as Kit" option for all accessories like Wrist Tape / Gloves / Ankle Tape etc. Here are examples of players with accessories with the same colour as the kit colour (Pogba etc)


Just giving players red wrist tape doesn't work, as when in a different colour away or 3rd kit they still wear red wrist tape and it looks unrealistic!

But this is what happens when they wear Away kit, 3rd kit or the player gets transferred to another team who wears a different colour home kit in Career Mode:


PES has an option for Wrist Tape / Gloves / Ankle Tape that fixes this bug. It basically assigns the colour of the accessories to match the kit colour they are playing in, just like Undershirts/Undershorts currently do..

Another fix for this would be for player to ONLY wear Coloured Wrist Tape for their home kit, if they wear the away or 3rd kit the wrist tape should default to WHITE.. Same if they get transferred to another team in Career Mode!

The same happens for Coloured Gloves: Even when you do put them on players, again, the Same As Kit option is needed to match away and 3rd kit colours or you end up with the same bug as above ^


But this is what happens if you give a Chelsea player Blue gloves when they wear Away kit, 3rd kit, or the player gets transferred to another team in Career Mode: (What good are blue gloves if they transfer to Man Utd!? And if you edit him at Man Utd he loses his Cold Weather Gear!)


A fix to this would be for player to ONLY wear coloured gloves for their home kit, if they wear the away or 3rd kit the gloves should default to BLACK.. Same if they get transferred to another team in Career Mode!

6. Undershorts: Why are they defaulted to every single player in Fifa, and only when it rains, snows or is overcast? Add them as an option! Lampard wore them all year round like Rooney did with the undershirt.. Add long undershorts too? That Robben wore for example.. (They would be a Winter option just like Gloves are)


7. Add 3/4 rolled up sleeves like this following example: (You had Ronaldo wearing them on your Fifa 19 cover!!)


Here is the setting in MLB: The Show 19:

8. Undersocks: Players very often cut their kits football socks and wear their own WHITE socks underneath, please add this option:


This could replace Ankle Tape as by law now ankle tape has to be the same colour as the sock anyway so there is no need for Ankle Tape in Fifa anymore! On or Off it shoul be defaulted to the same colour as the sock, just like Undershirts/Undershorts are! Just Undersock: Yes or No

9. Game Face: Why cant we use Game Face to apply a face to generic players / created players / managers? You could have 100 slots and this way the community could create a lot of faces for players who don't have one, and share them! NBA 2K has a Game Face Creation App! Why doesn't Fifa!?

10. 3D beards!? Please add them! Like this:


11. Add generic tattoos to put on our Pro / Created Player like in the Journey:


12. Player Positions: I want to make a created player with just the CM position, but you can only make him a CAM or CDM. All positions should be available to select for your Pro / Created Player!! Also add a second and third position so you can make a player seem more dynamic and trainable in one of his secondary positions. So you can give a player the following:

Position 1 (Natural): CM
Position 2: CAM
Position 3: CDM


Pos 1: CM
Pos 2: -
Pos 3: -

Which would mean he can ONLY play CM and can't be trained in another position!

13. Hairstyle / Hair Colour: Don't you think it's a about time we can at least change a player's hairstyle / hair colour ourselves? If a player changes his hair / hair colour in real life, we shouldn't have to wait 5 years for you to update him, we could simply do it ourselves, even something so simple as changing Falcao's headband from the default black colour to a white one like he wore for Man Utd should be editable! Another example is Griezmann, he has a red headband so if you sign him for a team who play in blue it looks stupid, we should be able to edit the colour! And why aren't these hairstyles from The Journey available in Edit Real Player / Create Player:

See this Hair Dye option in WWE 2k games which would be great in Fifa for Create / Edit Real Player:

14. Player Masks: Add the mask players wear when they break their nose / cheekbone..


15. Potential Stat: Please add this so we can edit a players Potential ourselves, just like we can edit their sprint speed etc in Edit Real Player..

You also can't set/edit a created player's potential, it is always 99 for Career Mode, why!?

16. Player Stats: You can't edit a player's composure attribute, all stats should be editable!!

17. Player Traits: You can't assign traits to a created player. Makes no sense. Especially since you can earn traits for player career mode where you control only the one player. So obviously they are available to be added to created players, just build it into the create player menu. Madden you can assign traits to created players as well so why not in Fifa!?

18. Skill Moves Rating: You can't specifically set a player's skill moves rating, it is just assigned based off of the dribbling and (I think) agility attribute. Like all players above 81 dribbling and 76 agility get 5* skills (or something along those lines). Add the Skill moves stat!

19. Player Name Audio: How about you add first and last names to the audio, for Create / Edit Player and also Manager / Player Career Mode so you can be referred too in commentary by your full name? Other games have this..


First Names: Chris, Steve, John etc..
Last Names: Smith, Rodriguez etc..

It would be great for Press Conferences or Commentary being referred to as John Smith etc..

20. Generic Kits / Team Names: For teams in the game who aren't licensed, Piemonte Calcio for example, their generic kit and team name should be able to be edited, like in PES!!

21. Give players Long Wrist Tape option for players that wear Wrist Tape NOT Sweat Bands!! It looks stupid!!

This is how Create / Edit Real Player should look with the new options:

* Player Face: (Editable only if generic)
* Apply Game Face: Yes / No
* Facial Hair: Including New 3D Beard types
* Boots:
* Hairstyle:
* Hair Colour:
* Sleeve Length: Short, Long or 3/4
* Tight Kits: Yes, No or Team Default (And I suggest setting this option to the actual teams who wear these kits not the individual players who play for them, so set tight kits option to the team Arsenal and not their individual players. so the Tight Kit option should be under Edit Team menu too..
* Undershirt: Yes, No or Winter Only (Setting it to On would see players wear it all year round, like Rooney did, and Winter Only would wear short or long sleeves in the Summer, and an Undershirt in the Winter - which is essentially the Cold Weather Gear option!)
* Undershorts: Yes, No, Winter Only
- Undershorts Length: Short or Long (Robben style)
* Gloves: Yes, No, Winter Only
- Colour: Black etc, Same As Kit (Currently White is the default colour, this also needs changing to Black as default!!)
* Wrist Tape Left: Off or On
- Wrist Tape Colour: White etc, Same As Kit (whatever the default kit colour is, this would get round players like Reus who wears yellow when playing in Dortmund's home kit, and black when in their away kit! Just like you automatically set the undershirts / undershorts colour to match the colour of the shirts / shorts)
* Wrist Tape Right: Yes / No
- Wrist Tape Colour: White etc, Same As Kit
* Sweat Band: Same as above ^
* Hand Bandage: Same as above ^
* Bracelet: Same as above ^
* Headband Colour: Red, White etc.. If applicable (Falcao etc)
* Mask: Yes / No (Lewandowski)
- Mask Colour: Black, White etc..
* Running Celebration 1:
* Finishing Celebration 1:
* Running Celebration 2:
* Finishing Celebration 2:
* Running Style:
* Free-Kick Stance:
* Penalty Stance:
* Position(s): CDM, CAM, CM etc.. EVERY position should be selectable!!
* Skill Moves: 1-5
* Traits: -
* Player Stats (Including Potential, Composure etc): EVERY stat should be available to edit!!
* Revert Player to Default: Yes / No

Can you please pass this on @EA_Cian @EA_Aidan @EA_Rtas @EA_GZaro @EA_Lanna @EA_DarDar @EA_Roger
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