Fifa 21 back to basics ??

Although this discussion is not directly aimed at Fifa, it is Fifa that has caused this. While in a game store today i saw 2K's PGA Tour Golf cover and just remembered the great golf games EA used to make.
EA made lots of sports games before they came up with the idea of ultimate team now they seem to be dropping sports if there is no chance of getting an ultimate team in the game.
I remember EA making Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Nascar, Formula 1 and so on and the games were all about realism, there old saying was "if its in the game, its in the game", now all EA seem to care about is this unrealistic ultimate team with Messi playing alongside Ronaldo and a load of old retired has beans.
I dont want this in my games, the reason i play Fifa is for the real teams,players, leagues, stadiums and kits and have the game as it is in real life.
Start getting back to basics and making more Sports games its what you do well.


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    Yeah. This would be such a cool game, CM-wise, if the basic stuff just worked smoothly: realistic player values, intelligent transfers, intelligent AI with varied tactics pursued by the AI teams, press conference dialogue that makes sense, more fouls, more cards, more realistic youth players, etc.

    Of course some new features, too. But rather than some extra mode/story/street football/whatever, things to enhance the CM: Players who refuse to leave and want to see through their contracts, possibilities for upgrading stadiums, recurring injuries for some unfortunate souls, maybe Corona restrictions for 2020, VAR, impactful weather, and so on.

    OK, veering off topic there. But this game has some incredible potential for a somewhat more engaging and realistic CM - which, I take it, is what getting back to the basics would amount to.
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