Tactical Descovery

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Hello guys!

Finally, after hours and hours of testing, I managed, in my opinion, to put FIFA 20, as well as the previous ones, in a way, let's say, more compatible with reality.

From now on, I inform my Instagram, with a view to future debates and other friendship contacts: gugarochacavalcante.

I can play today in the way that is a trend, in my view, in the future, which is the form of City, Guardiola.

It is important to move the defensive systems, since, in blocks, only in the middle, holding on to the lateral defenders, or even less on the sides of the field of play, that the crossings are, in most part, inefficient, it does not help. It has to be a mixture of the two.

Straight to the point, in the scheme, 4231 (open), that's what I tested, but it is possible to adapt to the others, you will make the following adjustments:

1. In tactics, there are five bars or bricks for the defense, which must be less than the attack, so that, more closed, defensive midfielders attack, especially from the sides of the field, to make crossings, such as, for example, Kevin De Bruyne; in the attack, totally open, since the objective is to open the opponent's defense, always very compact, so let's put the 10.

2. In the instructions, the defensive part does not move, as the defenders on the side will close more in the middle, covering eventual counter attacks, such as, for example, K. Walker, in City. In the line of midfielders, those on the side, return to defend and the defensive midfielders we put to go on the attack. The central midfielder, behind the striker, we do not move. The attacker, on the other hand, put it to go to the sides.

If you practice these guidelines, with an understanding of the scheme you are using, as well as the movements of the athletes on the field, you will notice that the game's programming itself, when we play against the CPU, for example, gets confused and making more faults, due to the movement from the sides and the middle of the field at all times.

With these adjustments, and all of them, because the lack of one will generate failure, we have coverage of the counter attacks, with the defenders open and without having to leave them without supporting the attack, just balanced, which does not correspond to the reality of modern football defenders remain open without attacking.

The attacker, finally, fulfills the function more to go to the sides of the field, something fundamental, especially in counter attacks.

The midfielders will give options to the open midfielder from the sides so that he can pass and he, midfielder, makes strong and dangerous crosses, allowing, finally, more goals of ball crosses, which is real in modern football.

We have a defensive balance, in short, more compatible with the reality of modern football, allowing us to score with pressure, without the need to request any command or choose, in tactics, this, for example, in a ball out through the opponent's left side, with the real madrid, the modric, central defensive midfielder, will mark the defender from the opposing sides, while the open midfielder, as a ballet, will remain in his position, covering, which will generate more pressure and less spaces behind, in his line of defense which, too, will pressure invading the opposing field. Just look at this effect in today's match between real madrid and vilarreal, especially in the first half, there were many moves by lika modric.

Anyway, I hope I helped. It was years and years of study and testing.

Wanting to take any questions or see what I say, in practice, contact via instagram.

God bless them.

Big hug.


    12 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I did new tests and, in my view, the defense is even better with 4 bars, the breadth, it protects well and the movement of the attack is better.

    Good matches.
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