Disgusting Ai

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I just had a game where the opposition rubber banded at half time.now Here comes the fun I’ve never seen the level of ai in my life it’s because of his custom tactics no doubt but to have the layers tackling and literally diving in front of shots multiple times was rediculous to see I was laughing at the fact the game was actually harder to score than if the opponent was manually defending.now is it acceptable to have a game where the computer does so much work for you.in my mind watching it was disgusting and just shows how much hand holding goes on.


  • BuZuS
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    It's only harder to score if you don't know what to do. But you have a point, pressure AI + connection advantage is ridiculously overpowered.
  • Iron_works
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    I still scored 8.that wasn’t a problem but the players team still had players tackling and diving In front of shots which just looked rediculous I’m not exaggerating in saying his team were camped in his box and must of made 8-10 Diving blocks in front of the goal.
  • Wi1son73
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    I can definitely relate to this mate. One Off many games I played yesterday was just ridiculous the amount of blocks saves his AI was making. I’m sure I have a clip of his keeper running out to almost outside the box far right, put it this way, he was closer to the corner kick spot than goal. So anyway I get the ball cross it in, jump to header it in goal (empty goal) he did have loads of players in the box, but somehow his keeper comes out of nowhere and saves it off the line.

    I had my Varane somehow glitched into a ST position, but that’s not the problem, I was through on goal, his keeper ran out, so I fake shot past him, I see a player who I thought was Bruno waiting for a small chip into his head for an easy goal. Na it went wide from 4 yards. I watched the replay (was only then I realised it was Varane) and seen the arrow point into the goal, Any professional player bronze silver gold should put that away.

    So out of my 17 shots I scored 3 and out of his 3 shots he scored 3.... I don’t know what else to do with these types of players, Have Oblak, ter Stegen all seem to let any shots in regardless off player.
    I’m not going to lie, I did feel soul destroyed, sucker punch.

    Theses games I play seems to have the same pattern, i don’t know if it’s all me, i.e the way I’m playing, or connection advantage, lag compensation, EA boosting their players as they struggle a lot. Or just Fifa20 it just a buggy glitchy game.
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