Forced retirements need to go!

How come it forces me to retire after 15 seasons? I'm right in the middle of the world cup group stages and it makes me retire? This isnt even long enough to see my youths through their careers! This needs to be fixed!


  • Tesco
    6999 posts Big Money Move
    I would imagine they have tested the game running longer and it breaks in a way they can't fix or can't be bothered to fix.

    Will probably have to wait until 22 to see any changes
  • The UT game modes have destroyed EA sports. It's all a money grab now. They dont care about career modes in any of these games anymore Because career modes dont make them money. It's just a "copy and paste" every year. I'm genuinely happy that UFC 4 is completely scrapping its UT game mode. They should get rid of all UT in EA and figure out a different way to make money.
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