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I believe it is one of the last posts, regarding FIFA 20, that I do.
I have been playing virtual football since the 90s. I used to be a lot more, from 2010 onwards more FIFA and I conclude the following.
Each day the game falls more in content and reality, as it is simplified.
Here are some serious observations to be corrected, noting, first of all, that I don't even play today, just FIFA, ok:
1. the attacker's "go to the ends or sides" function, which is useless, given that, with the withdrawal of the pass adjustment, the reality that the central attacker is going sideways, during a counter attack, for example, it was possible, until the 18, by simply opening the range more and reducing the passes, which generated approximation and, consequently, more reality for the attacker to fulfill this function. Even today, any adjustment of instructions or tactics does not allow, just subtly, this reality.
2. Manipulation of matches, with stronger players dominating the ball easily whether it comes at any speed, as well as grotesque and insistent failures in their inferior players, in favor of the victory of who, supposedly, has the strongest cards, that is, it's not just that the card is stronger, the lower teams are, let's say, fought, at crucial moments, to facilitate the victory of the strongest. I have videos showing moments when my players fail, since I only play with normal cards, since I like reality and for me there is only one player and not several of the same type, with a goalkeeper kicking where I didn't give the command and just to give the ball to the opponent who heads in the penalty mark and hides it, my midfielder, in front of the goal, when the arrow would automatically change for him and not even me choosing manually, because I would score the goal and so many others;
3. Very few low cross goals. This flaw is even older, when it is difficult for our attacker to anticipate the defender to score a goal that is quite common in real life, not least because the current teams more from the sides, aiming to open spaces in the opposing defenses, but here, as it is practically null the chance to score, even the professionals, to win more, use defenders on the sides without going up to the attack, since it is useless, putting neither sides, like Walker, Dani Alves but defenders on the sides, like sergio ramos, varane, and many others .
EA captures us for the lighter gameplay, but the game itself, given the interests of others, has been running away from reality since 19, despite some punctual improvements, such as the option of the midfielder to cover the wings, but without being interesting to attack from the sides, it is useless.
I hug you all and may God bless you.


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    And, I was forgetting, one of the most important changes: the defensive balance, since the game is programmed to be a fixed block behind and centralized, what changes is the spacing between the athletes, in this case, amplitude. With the defensive swing, neither the high pressure tactics would need, because the swing itself does this and also facilitates the attackers' entry from the sides, since they would already be in the ball sector, as well as, in one of the most serious errors, the side kick with the hands, when leaving the ball, considering that there is no pressure as in real life. Besides who, also, with the defensive balance we also win the plays on the sides more easily, that is, at least 3 problems, corrected with this novelty.
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    You're forgetting EA will not change the game. Whilst you're all willing to pay $1Bn for packs they are just going to copy and paste the game.
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    I just put it on and discover these things because I don't play and I don't even buy cards. There is only one athlete, for me. I like real game and not teen. And that the best team wins and not the strongest team. I play hard with any team. When I don't win, it is usually the result of mutant things, x man, that EA invents to facilitate strong and drawn cards, but, tactically, it is possible to play hard and with any team and I with a team of less than 100K
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