Are the menus really laggy or is it me

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Constantly freezing on anything I do


  • Wi1son73
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    That’s a sign that your games will be exact same!
  • DaMMian
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    menu lags since the premiere of FIFA anyway, what works well in this game? LOL
  • ErikTheBlue
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    Everything is. You'd think at this point, given how many complaints they've had about their servers and connectivity and responsiveness, they'd actually listen to their loyal fanbase/customers and do something about it, maybe even bin the servers off once and for all. But no!

    Rather odd behaviour from said company that is also in the process of convincing us to pre-order/buy their shiny new product in the next few months. But then said company lost sight of what they exist for (the production of entertaining, fun games) years ago and is now just a listless, money grabbing algorithm
  • Bakudu76
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    I i i.....itttsss yyyy.. o.

    Menus have been poopy for years. Ever since there's still the ducking arena in the background. No idea why they don't get rid of that
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