Clashing kits in july

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Now is there any reason that there should be kit issues in July I’ve had to change a black kit because I’m clashing with referees now I’ve put the tots blue kit on and I’m playing against a blue Chelsea kit.this is simple stuff surely it’s not that hard to sort out.its rediculous


  • erdhfdsjh
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    A way to change kits in game would help.
  • Ballerson
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    Yes to both, shockingly poor customer service from EA....if i had this negligence with a lot of service or brand providers I would refuse to use EA again.

    Why is it EA that you think you can miss this basic level of detail since the release of your multi billion $ enterprise??? Seriously. For what I have paid to this company for your team not to have fixed the gk, players and ref jerseys is a BIIIIIGGGGG MISSSSSS.
  • NinthFall
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    Yeah it seems the referee always wears black as well
  • number5
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    They haven't been able to get the referee kit right for 4-5 Fifas
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