Most underrated cards for you ?

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At this stage of the game who’s some of your more underrated card? For me it’s Moments Ramsey. Recently went back to him for the Ibra challenges and he’s just immense still.


  • Empyrium7
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    I agree. Moments Ramsey is great CM.
    I think I had the most matches with him till I replaced him with TOTS Kimmich.

    TOTS Dybala
    Barely face him and he is my best scorer from RM/RW position. His custom dribbling animation helps too.

  • RileyD
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    I will probably be the only one but its Storyline Umtiti!

    Sure, he lacks a bit of pace but he's an absolute brick wall and is more reliable for me that TOTSSF Diego Carlos.

    Shoutout to Future Stars Kubo too, although he's now bee upgraded to his Summer Heat card.
  • FijiBoy
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    Will agree with TOTS Salvio from above.
    Never see anyone using TOTY De Ligt though he is expensive but he has been so solid in defence and outplayed Premium Militao for me last WL.

    Also before getting Premium Mertens i used to change FB Lozano as my CAM in game and he was so good in making in behind runs and also finishing was great.

    Other mentions
    SS Hateboer
    League SBC Gosens 97 Paced CDM in game

  • Lackosweat
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  • FijiBoy
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    Lackosweat wrote: »

  • Icarium
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    Totssf kroos, seems to always make an impact. Great long range finesse shots.
  • Clancy
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    Tots Salah. Hated him first few days I used him. because of his 'Salah' body type he doesn't move in the same way as other 5'9" players and was hard to get used to

    But now I can't go back. I've tried many players at LST who are better on paper in a lot of ways, more rounded or with 5*WF etc. but Salah outplays them all

    He can make these little bursts of speed even when a large strong CB is climbing on his back, and get just enough room to shoot. His first touch and acceleration after turning are second to none

    If he had 5*5* he would be the #1 best striker in the game

  • AznSW
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    TOTS Promes is one of the best dribblers and finishers I’ve used, but never see him and he’s only 180k
  • Swanz05
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    SH Kimpembe, FB Cyprien premium
  • josemourinho
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    Prime socrates 91
  • JWNYsg
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    Verrati TOTSSF. everyone prefers Kante but i'd take this italian
  • Dutch3723
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    TOTS Gueye - easy objectives to get him, replaced kante and he’s still my cdm to this day. An absolute monster. Has the added bonus of linking PSG players to Mane
  • CoCoGoaL
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    Totssf Gabriel cm bosses the midfield, SH Kimpembe is Boatank 2.0
  • Bakudu76
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    Awb as a center back.
  • Gromit
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    Any version of Raul

  • chicken_nuggetsFTW
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    A shoutout to TOTSSF Smalling ad well. Makes tackles all over the pitch and intercepts everything. Outplays Manolas considerably
  • Jimmi855
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    89 Diaz - difficult to link without icons but one of the best cm/cdm’s I’ve used all year. One of the best value SBC’s as well.

    TOTSSF Cazorla - guy is immense. Seems to be able to play cdm/cm/cam and st all at the same time. Silky smooth on the ball and seems way quicker than 87 pace.

    TOTSSF 94 Fernandez - one of the best value cards out there IMO. Great links to Salvio, tevez and Lopez.

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