Please Add These Features To FIFA 21 Career Mode

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- Captain should lift the trophy even when substituted.
- You should be able to choose who takes the armband during an in-game substitution of the captain - as well as the visual of passing the armband.
- Commentary should change once a trophy has been attained by a team to reflect that. As well as talk of next season about them retaining it. The next season’s commentary should also recognise that a team won a trophy the previous season.
- Team morale drops for no reason - even after winning trophies and big games. Or does that happen because of international breaks?
- Team of the competition is not even close to being accurate to be honest.
- News headlines do not accurately depict the current situation of the Premier League .
- Transfers are too easy to complete. There should be a criteria where a player refuses to join your team if you’re not in Europe; or challenging for the title (basically your team’s ambition); or his starting role in the team given your current squad; or that your team is a direct viral to his current team; or just purely doesn’t want to join your team because he’s too big a player.
- There should be a team transfer policy about the amount of money a manager can spend given the age of the player.
- Bring back the concept of only being able to manage small teams as a manager. No manager starts off by managing Liverpool or Real Madrid; they may start off on the youth team of big clubs, but not the first-team coach.
- Please, please, please, please, please, take a page from NBA 2K’s book with regards to player career mode. Instead of making ‘The Journey’, or ‘Volta Football’, merge that into a beautiful MyCareer format, where a young man starts off at small club, and works his way to a starter for a Real Madrid, should he make enough waves for them to sign him. This will also depend on his attributes, as well as the rate at which he accomplishes his given objectives. We should build your MyPlayer like you do in NBA 2K. Being able to scan your face into the game is VERY IMPORTANT.
- On Career mode, include the arrival of home and away team buses.

Thank you 🙏🏾


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    It was going ok until NBA2k ideas you got no chance of this EA. Team amending anything half as good as NBA2k or Madden.
    This team will not get us a great FIFA how many years have we all suffered this game I can’t remember the last time in years I’ve said that FIFA this year is great I cannot remember all it ever is is things are always broken or this team have failed to think outside the box and actually create something that blows are minds.
    It’s always so mediocre and if you look at FIFA it’s mediocre I mean they have used the same career mode and pro clubs for the last Six years and still we buy it.
  • It would also be nice to add basic stuff like being able to negotiate with your managers in player career mode. Sending emails, letting them know what your personal moral is, asking if you can get more time on the pitch. Also, if I'm 19 years old and I'm an 87 ovr, teams should be salivating over me. There should be commentary on my youth and development, etc. Also I should be making loads more money, and be able to influence the market when I get good enough.. these are basic early 2000s game changes that have completely vanished from EA sports games.
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