Tots Neymar and Prime Vieira or Headliners Neymar and mid Gullit?

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What pair would you pick?


  • Jonboyparker
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    If I have to pick... HL Ney and Gullit

    I have Tots Ney and he’s not much difference to HL Ney (had both). 90 Gullit is miles better than Vieira.

    You can get De Jong if you’re desperate for a Defence midfielder who’s just as good and Prime Vieira
  • d-Leon307-b
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    Vieira best cdm
    So easily him
  • jlatinomex
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  • Professor
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    HL Neymar and Gullit for sure. I've also had Tots Neymar and he feels very similar to my POTM.

    Vieira I didn't really like and I had his PIM. Despite his pace stats he still felt very clow because of how heavy he is in game. In delay trying to turn with him is a nightmare.
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