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First of all, clarify to the other collaborators that, here in Brazil, socks is an abbreviation, in football, of the midfielders and throw-in is when we take the ball with the hand, after going out, from the side and throw it to a teammate.

That said, I inform you that two things urgently need to be adjusted in this franchise:

1. Greater or lesser amplitude is not something fixed, it is variable, when we are in possession of the ball, our athletes move away, to the maximum, to give options to receive the touch of the ball and, when we lose this possession, we close, therefore , the amplitude closes.

I just don't know if it's in the franchise's interest to make it more real, since it only thinks, nowadays, and the game is getting worse due to this, in the sale of cards and billing with fifa points.

2. the defensive balance, because when we press the opponent in a pressured way, we cannot stay fixed in the middle and that is what happens, whether with open applause, and the middle of the team is like a Swiss cheese, especially online, or closed, but then the team gets tougher to move, ask for gameplay and only marks the middle of the field and without compression, because the players are unable to get closer due to the game's schedule.

It is necessary to have a defensive balance, if the open player in the extremities will score at the end or midfielder will then cover him, as well as the central defender in relation to the lateral defender.

There are several videos like this on the internet and I have studied this since the 90s, however, it remains to be seen whether the company has an interest in reality, or in an arcade and goal-filled game, like basketball, without being studied, unless we arrest the players. defenders open behind and make the game without crosses, which does not correspond to reality.

Thank you


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    Man that Google translator :D
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    I try to contribute even in another language, but always with relevant comments in more than 20 years of experience in virtual football and its tactics
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    Not going to happen for the reason I gave in your other spamming thread.
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