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Allow players to remove FUT mode from the menu screen in game settings. No more FUT billboards in the game.

When I see that the panels show FUT mode in online season mode; and that in FUT mode, there is no sign of the season online, all is said. EA allows those who do not like this mode to eject it from the main menu.

That's good, we understand your business strategy, but we don't want it, don't bother to make us devil. It doesn't pass anymore.


  • Godsmack
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    EA listen to your fans once and for all.
    1-fix your servers and add servers in more countries
    2-looks like frostbite engine is not for sport games so please do something
    3-we need a more realistic football Game , get rid of tornado skill move and other stupid skill moves that You'll never see on a real game
    4-Fut Champs should be separated in two , for instance,players from division 4 to division 1 should be in a top fut champ with better prizes and players in division 8 to 5 should be in a silver fut champ , playes in div10 to 9 don't play on weekend league
    5- Volta sucks so get rid of it and make a good career mode , with cinematics , better press conferences , training , like football manager (the game) level of detail and options
    6- fut needs a new mode, like weekly tournaments with restrictions (like 11 English players , 85 team overall ), like the champions league online with group stage and knockout stage
    7-the CPU teams should have diferent strategies , tactics , change formations and players during the Game based on how we play , also de AI needs to learn and exploit our weakness . Thats the right way to increase the cpu difficulty not what You did with ultimate difficulty where every cpu player is 99 overall
    8-fut objectives are great but players dropping divisions should be punished or You can fix it with restrictions
    9-pro clubs should have regional leagues and tournaments within the Game ( like create a 20 team league ) where You can invite pro clubs to join the league and play , tracking all stats
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    Refresh the position modifiers. How is it that a striker can legitimately play CDM but not as a winger or forward. Makes no sense
  • troy63
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    We need new player models and a better more edit mode so you can change hairstyles and even a tattoo pack. We've had the same basic rubbish edit mode from day one and it's time to give us more freedom. Also all boots you have paid for in previous versions should be credited to you for the latest version. Pitches need more attention and some are not as good as others and that's the realism we need also better tackle animations and fix headers.
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    they will never listen as long as they making money from loot box .the only way is to boycott them .cuz we cant make idiots and people who have money stop buying coins and buy high rate players
  • Blue51287
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  • SBaggio59
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    Invention of a time machine to allow EA to recover the development of Fifa 10,000. Life is short.

    At this rate, EA will never get there.
  • Westy12
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    It's your choice mate like I have other choices to play in other modes which I've not played yet.
  • next level of what? Since FIFA 19, everything has been complete ❤️❤️❤️❤️! the 20 not even say !! disgust of game
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