[IMO] Overall issues on career mode so far (bit of a rant)

I still have some issues with career mode even to this day...

1. I still automatically got into the 'mail' section almost every month.

2. I still have a hard time sending players out on loan or transfer (especially the low rated ones).

3. I still can't make a deal (transfer or loan) to players deemed "too important for the club" or "Just transferred" , but other clubs could. (WTF?)

4. I still can't NEGOTIATE player's role in their contract unlike before in FIFA15 (last time I know). The player will not change his mind on his role no matter what. Back then, we can offer him more bonuses and wage but lower role... isn't that what "negotiation" is for? . Also in transfer negotiation, when I give a price too high or too low (even its still within the range of the player's price by the agent), the other party will immediately pull over. They never stated their price, where's the negotiation?!

5. I still see my players sending me messages to play them more, even thou their role is rotation or even sporadic. Sometimes, they'd mail me even after I played them 3 matches in a row... its unreal and annoying.

6. Again, the club's objectives are too vague and pointless. As long as I complete the crucial ones, I can ignore the rest. Even if I completed them all, I got nothing but high manager ratings (which doesn't mean anything either).

7. Training injuries still happen too often, what are the training coaches doing injuring my players every other month?! Also players getting injured too often in simulated matches too. Hope there's a toggle in the menu for training injuries some day.

8. Player Career Mode literally the same since FIFA 12 or so, not gonna bother that mode at all.

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