Tactical big Problem

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It is unbelievable that a game like this, which for years seemed to be the most real, is not. We don't even have a soccer simulator game.

Note that, by simplifying the tactics, removing the option to reduce and increase the pass rate, for example, the situation worsened, as we lost even more in approach and, consequently, no pressure on the sides, since we do not have, and then the error more serious, the defensive balance.

If we increase breadth, the team does not want to score well on the ends, it opens up and reaches more on the ends, but full of holes in the middle, especially online matches, with the internet delay. It's not like this. If we close, it is not that it marks well in the middle, because we lost the compaction, because the players, tactically, seem to be unable to get very close. The more we close the amplitude, the more the team is spaced in the middle and less compression, for example, between the defensive midfielder and the open midfielder, the more amplitude, the more on the same line and, consequently, more compact, the less amplitude, the more distant and come back late to score, as if there was a block.

When there is balance, in addition to being compact and aligned, squeeze the marking on the sides. When the right defender will score on the side of the field, the left side will cover this and the left side will cover the defender, then real life ... there are several videos on youtube showing and not this thing of opening or closing amplitude, but the team is centralized and, consequently, without balance.
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