draft loss , not acceptable , want my coins refunded

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Played a draft , i know it has hackers, but won first two games. On the third game it was a hacker , kick off then game dc. Usually when this happens i can carry on to another match to continue . But i actually get the lose. Draft over , 15k coins wasted and the hacker gets the win . This really is not acceptable .

I know i am wasting my fingers typing. But just wanted to get it out there


  • greggles
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    its okay, go claim your free fut draft coin, oh wait its probably just going to say you already had one but yet you never climed one before, and you only get 1 LOL you can face like 5 hackers in 1 draft and eventually you'll get the lose because thier hack makes it so you get the lose compared to others..... GOd i cant wait to move to console
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