BPL CAM Options (Fernandes, Firmino, Foden)

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Which one have you picked / would you pick for CAM position?
Anyone would fit in my 4-3-1-2 team with Richarlison and Lucas upfront.

Firmino has that great link to a very cheap Fabinho.
Fernandes is for free and has the best stats (actually at 92 rated and struggle to win in Div 1)
And then There is Foden 😅

Any reviews or same issues?


  • Salvatori
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    Only used Firmino, and he is different gravy. The card stats are just an absolute lie.

    He dribbles and turns like FB ASM, he should not, nothing about the height, body type etc suggest he should feel so agile but he does. THere is something about double 5 star players which i swear means they execute all skill moves better. His 45 degree exit drag backs are so quick to execute and he pulls them off better than anyone.

    His passing is top notch, never misplaces a pass unless its a clear screw up by me.

    His shooting, my word. He reminds me of FB Mbappe off both feet, and Mbappe is the best card i have used this year (and he costs 5m plus).

    I caution - i am biased because i love Bobby in real life but i did him on both my accounts and absolutely dont regret it.
  • Izzy2K17
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    I run with Richarlison and Lucas too (you know what’s up :D ) in 41212(2) and Tots Mahrez was amazing for me there this past weekend. I’ve been using Fernandes at Cam to do objectives and he’s been very good too but dribbling has been a little underwhelming, would make a great CM imo
  • StiflersDad07
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    Last WL I rocked with Son TOTS and Richarlison TOTS as Striker and Lucas Moments at CAM. It was so damn good.

    But I thought I could sell Son for 1m coins and get Fernandes for free or Firmino for a few coins and fodder.

    Actually I think none of these 3 are really an upgrade or even keep me on the same level.

    But yeah, Firmino is a real life hero as Hoffenheim Supporter. :smiley:
  • juliuscaesar8
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    Firmino for me as well
  • Lewis9UTx
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    Is Firmino one of the best CAMs at this point in the game?
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