Tactical Problems

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I hope that, at FIFA 21, we understand that, especially online, if we open the amplitude to the maximum, we have more compaction and even pressure on the mark, especially at the ends of the field. If we close the amplitude too much, we have more pressure, especially at the ends and less compaction. It seems to me, whether in the game's programming, that is why the field is not ours, that the control of the athletes becomes hard and heavy when we approach each other, decreasing the amplitude, however, in real life, it is necessary that the team be compact not only when waiting for the opponent, but in the ascents and lateral displacements for high pressure, this is missing, in my opinion, for this game. Furthermore, when we close the range, we see that the athletes in the midfield return slower, it seems to me that they depend on others to come too, unlike when we open the range we see that the athletes return more quickly, they seem more independent from the rest of the cast and this is necessary, if possible, correction, because in real life, especially analyzing Liverpool, we see compactness and narrow amplitude in all sectors of the ball. Thankful.
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