Improvement to Career Mode

3 posts Ball Boy
I would like to propose an addition to Manager/Career mode. Allow the user to create a totally new team that can be placed in either the 1st division leagues (La Liga, Premiere, etc.) or in the lower divisions to build up the team created in order to be promoted. The Team could be populated by a pool of free agents (older skilled players not owned by clubs) and/or created players. Financials could be handled by giving the option of a native (country specific) group of financiers or wealthy billionaire that set a budget for the manager. The team kits, logo, stadium could all be customized with basic starter options and could be built up to next level after reaching certain milestones placed by ownership. Another option could be to act as owner and/or manager. if the team is doing poorly, the owner has the option of firing the current manager and hiring a new one. A pool of available managers would be made accessible to choose a new skipper.
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