Fifa 2021/22 Pro Clubs Overhaul Concept

Below is a concept for a new and improved Pro Clubs overhaul, incorporating new personalisation, monetisation, Volta and more.

Creating your pro
Your pro would begin at an OVR of 70
You select 5 Player Style Unlocks that you can work towards unlocking
Select a player style along with a body type to form initial attributes
Modify your own potential attributes, specific to the position and style you choose
Start with stock street clothing and a limited selection of hairstyles and celebrations
Can have up to 5, saved individual pro builds at one time.

Setting your potential
Your initial ratings and potential would be dictated to an extent by your play style. The max potential at pro creation is 90
In order to add a further layer of uniqueness to your pro, you are able to make up to 10 attribute changes, impacting current stats and potential
These changes will be subject to Player Growth Points, whereby a more important and higher stat will be more expensive than a lower stat.
For example, a wingback may wish to have a great long shot. To do this, they could remove 6 attributes from their tackling/marking and add 10 attributes on to long shots
Another example could be a Target Man wishing to be more of a clinical finisher, thus removing 10 points from long passing and 8 points from dribbling, to add 5 finishing and 5 volleys

The Park
The Park is effectively Volta merged with Pro Clubs
5 a side and other small sided modes in cages are available in the park to jump in and join others
You can show off clothes, celebrations, skill moves and other emotes that aren't possible in regular pro clubs
From the park you could access the Pro Clubs Hub along with player customization shops and a futsal mode

Player Growth
Growth would be overhauled, with a focus on longevity and performance driven improvements
Each Pro Clubs Season, you will be given a grade based on performance and matches played
Based on the division, the overall of your pro and the season grade, Player Growth Points will be earned
The cages and futsal will also offer the opportunity for growth, though slower than in pro clubs
Player Style Unlocks that were selected during creation are achieved through accomplishing the relevant objective

Reaching Potential
In order to reach full potential players will likely play around 30 entire seasons at division 1 at an A Grade
+ 1 on all stats is granted upon winning division 1, and +1 upon winning it for the 10th time, increasing the cap
Monthly competitions between teams that have won the div 1 title 10 times will also be available, winning 4 games in this will earn another +1
Slight alterations to potential stats and additional Player Style Unlocks may become available at certain milestones

Your Club
Club creation is largely unchanged, kits are customisable but very limited, stadiums start small
Performing well and competing in divisions and cups earns Club Bucks
Club Bucks are used to upgrade stadiums, upgrade/edit AI pro's and purchase new badges, kits and tifo's

Player Bucks
Player bucks are used aesthetically, unlike player growth points
These can be purchased using actual money, or earned slowly through playing games
Many customisable features can be bought with player bucks
Celebrations, hairstyles, tattoos, park clothing, boots, in game animations are just some ideas

Player Style Unlocks
These unlocks are things that will shape the way you pro is going to play when at potential
Relevant goals will be in place which, when met, will earn the player either rating boosts or traits
Example 1: Assist or score 25 times after beating a player with a skill. Unlock: Flair
Example 2: Score 50 penalties. Unlock: +10 Penalties
Example 3: Complete 30 Acrobatic Clearences. Unlock: +2 interceptions, +5 agility, +2 reactions

Player Styles to choose from would be numerous.

GK) Sweeper Keeper, Dominator, Athletic Stopper
FB) Wing Back, Full Back, Defensive Mind, Powerhouse, Inverted Wing
CB) Aerial Threat, Sweeper, Stopper, Libero, Ball Player
CDM) Destroyer, Half Back, Regista
CM) Playmaker, Box to Box, Mezalla
WM) Winger, Relentless Runner, Wide Playmaker, Inverted Forward, Crossing Threat
CAM) Enganche, Advanced Midfielder, Trequartista
CF/RF/LF) Raumdeuter, Wide Target, Shadow Striker
ST) Target Man, Pressing Forward, Poacher, False 9
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