Advice please, not a rant!

Hi there, I love seasons but i'm not great. I am a Div7/6 player at best.
I am not making excuses or complaining just wanting advice.
I can never seem to sprint as fast as others. If i have an attacker running through, my opponents defender almost always wins a race to a ball. If i am defending, almost always the attacker runs away from my player.
I use the sprint button and this happens even when my player is fresh.

It is angles, control setting or what could i do to improve? Thanks in advance,


  • SuPeRz
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    Check controller settings and ensure analog sprint is set to off. This will allow your players to accelerate into full sprint even if you are not pressing the triggers all the way down.

    However if you have slow defenders you may want to look into your tactics. Use NealGuides on YouTube (whatever is the latest META tactics) to get some good ideas. He caters to mainly FUT players but you can adapt it to seasons. The game is complicated and requires some fiddling if you want to move up the divisions.
  • Bonusb3rtie
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    Well done on asking for advice and trying to be better mate. Good to see somebody owning the problem instead of blaming the game.

    If you want we can play a few friendlies and I'll see where you might be going wrong?

    I can talk you through my formation and setup.

    Sprinting past defenders with the ball doesn't really work. Instead keep tapping L1 and get your other players to make forward runs, then pass to them once they are past the defender. Let the ball do the work.

    Defending is all about jockey ie holding down L2 and R2 and using your stick to block runs and snuff out attacks.

    These are two very prominent strategies I use to win games.

    Psn bonusbertie
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