Is there a disconnect glitch for xbox one ?

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I have played 3 rival games today and in 2 of them I got kicked out of FUT while I was leading and given the loss. Have not had similar problems before.

Is there an disconnect glitch on xbox one or is my connection shaky today ?


  • Queens11
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    Yes it’s rife now it’s been widely shown on you tube
    Ea really don’t care anymore

    they are to busy concentrating on Fifa 21 and trying to figure out how to make players pass and shoot In the direction intended and within a 2 second timeframe
  • BogusTommy
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    Well, if I continue getting 67% disconnect glitch'ed there is no reason to neither play this version or the next
  • Mjtweedy
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    Is there a glitch that opponent can glitch after you win and final whistle in WL, disconnects when players groups together on the pitch and you don’t get awarded the win but get message saying you disconnected (dnf) blah blah.
    Just happened to me, don’t know if it’s my internet or glitch, strange it happened straight after final whistle

  • Wi1son73
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    Twice today for me, one was 6 mins in mertens turned the defender I shoot and score! Then just as the goal when in, disconnected from ea servers hmmmm fishy as ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Madridista
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    This literally happened to me twice on wins after the 90th minute on ps4 on rivals. Wtf
  • Dev_ol
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    What is the point in deliberately DCing in rivals? Just to deny your opponent the win?
  • Queens11
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    Dev_ol wrote: »
    What is the point in deliberately DCing in rivals? Just to deny your opponent the win?

    Just to be toxic which pretty much sums up the majority of the community
  • Wooly1203
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    Yeah I was wondering this as well. I’ve been getting disconnected from games a ton lately. It’s super irritating. I don’t understand why people even play if they are going to do stuff like that
  • Stoz
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    Happening a lot to me and only had the game several days
  • Mrhey31
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    Well I don’t know if it’s a thing somebody does on purpose. I had somebody I thought rage quit on me( it was a draw) and I got a message telling me I was a cheat for using this glitch. But I’m many things but never a cheater.
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