PIM makelele vs PIM petit

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As lone CDM... who's better?


  • tvrfan
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  • Dead_Dave
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    imo makelele is to short for a lone cdm.
  • Zalisis
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    I use one CDM, and Makelele was better for me, although I did only use PIM Petit on loan.

    Desailly was also fantastic for me probably my favourite of the three, very powerful and dominant at CDM, felt like he covered the whole pitch - could be worth considering!
  • tvrfan
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    How's 91 Vieira on comparison? He's a little out of reach oin wise... Don't know if he's that much better
  • Wi1son73
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    I packed prime Makélélé today in the prime sbc, I did think I got a bum deal. But I played him and was surprised how good he was... I could be a naive to what is a decent icon.
    I have him next to objective Kessie who is on get forward.
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