Is 90 Ben Yedder still good?

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I got Ben Yedder (90 RW) in my party bag. Quite lucky, but not totally sure I need him. Is he still good after tots?
My L1 team is now tots sbc Payet, toty Mbappé, tots DiMaria . I was considering getting Atal instead of Di maria , play him striker and Mbappé RW, it could work there too.
So he would replace Di Maria... is that an improvement?

I play in div 9 currently (would play slighty higher if not for the self relegators doing objectives...) so I'm far from good and get better players than my opponents usually anyway , and it doesn't matter as much if they are "meta". Obviously he get 5 WF and Di maria got only 3, but apart that the stats are so massively in Di Maria favor that I am not sure if he's really that much better, even if he get much more hype.


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