Market transfer ban : this is my last Fifa ever

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I received this morning an email about market transfer ban for all the time of FIFA 20 title.
And I've really been banned as I checked on the app.
I make a lot of sbcs, and I probably overpayed some players by error, or because Fut companion crash and have bugs every 30 seconds. That's why I'm banned? Really?
I'm playing FIFA since the first one, in 1993, Fifa International Soccer.
The game become worse and worse every year, content, bug in game, and others frustrating things I will not mention because everybody knows that Frosbite engine kills the little pleasure we can take from this game.
But I stil was here and playing this game. EA should thank me to play at their game as rubbish it is.

So now, this is clear, I will not play Fifa 20 anymore, and I will not play any Fifa game ever.
This long story from 27 years is now over.

Good job EA for rewarding fidelity.

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