Red picks - who did u get?

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G2 tots Osimen and Tots Cesinha.

Other choices were trash like tots Pareto and odegaard


  • SomeNextGuy
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    edited June 25
    Didn't play for the first time since TOTS started, interested to see if I made a mistake or not.
  • Burchy
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    G3 - TOTSSF Reus and renato Augusto!

  • Riotiga
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    Kostic 94 and gnabry 93. Meh..fodder at best
  • DoD_Jester
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    96 immobile and 91 hradracky
  • tommyh10
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    Only played to S1. Choice of TOTSSF Grimaldo or Headliner Telles. Both 89 rated. Went Telles
  • Wurrsmycash
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    Stopped at G3 and glad I did:

    Pick One: 93 Busquets or 93 Upamencano

    Pick Two: 96 Lewa!

    Over 500K and got 91 VVD untradeable in packs and got to sell my NIF for 160

    Best rewards in awhile
  • jackluhg
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    Gold 2
    95 Mahrez and Tevez
  • DannySTFC
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    94 David and 94 Salvio. Never expected anything that would make my team given how many poor cards are available, so two 94 rated cards for fodder is fine by me.
  • RoosterBlue
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    G3, Grimaldo and Muniain.

  • Trustme707
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    G2: casemiro and 90 Thiago Silva
  • yosef167
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    stoped at G3
    best pick was a 85 rated red CB from Eng 2 league
  • WarrenBarton
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    Tots Mariano and Trent, already got them untradeable so just fodder.
  • passpassshootpost
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    Some 92 fodder and blind

  • Arsenalman
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    Gold 2 visca and orisic. This was a test to see if it was worth it, not too sure it is anymore
  • Giggs11
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    G2 TOTSSF Griezman and 90 IF Lloris.

    Probably better than all my gold 2 rewards during totssf :#
  • Brustring1893
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    edited June 25
    Didn't play for the first time since TOTS started, interested to see if I made a mistake or not.

    Same, just waiting for someone to appear with the random FB Mbappe.
  • PaulDr
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    Only got 13 wins so just one pick, Opara totssf - other two choices were low rated rotw totssf.
  • Boysie91
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    91 don't know
    88 Mount

    Reward packs where disgusting only player I got worth a little was NIF Thiago not 1 special card.
  • Homelycurve
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    Gold 3: two 89’s I’ve never heard of.
  • I got g3 and first pick highest rated was wass on first one at 85. Second one I got some random German left back highest rating at 89.

    Not bothering with the slog again.
  • SomeLegend
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    S1 87 maddison on the plus side I had a free Sunday at the weekend and it was great
  • Chavez76
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    first time ever not getting into gold.
    Got tots Davies (92) for my weekend's frustrations . Almost the best I got whole year from reds ..

    Silver 1 OP!
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    G2: TOTSSF Manolas and 96 Lewa
  • ASX
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    S1 TAA
  • Estaban
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    G2 Quincy and Diego Carlos.

    Have Quincy and was going to sell for Firmino anyway.

    Could have picked Opara. Think the other 90s were Johnathan and Gabriel.
  • tommyh10
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    Based on my red picks this week I think its time to call it a day on champs.

    At least with 5 rival wins I know im getting a 90 rated Bruno for Fodder. This week I slugged 11 wins for an 89 unknown. No thanks
  • BK1892
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    G2 - Mandanda & Sommer

    Brutal, again!
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    G3. Not been playing for rewards but to enjoy more team. Seems to make WL more enjoyable.

    Pulled 88 Lukaka and TOTS Phillip's which is huge for me since I'm a Leeds fan.

    Had 89 Telles and some random 86's from rivals and 91 Benz from WL
    Chucked it all into ICON SBC and got Henry.
  • kraid
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    Some decent picks happening considering how much junk is available.

    I got fb bale, totssf Theo Hernandez and hl Sterling.

    Got kruse, hamdallah and szczeny from elite pack.
  • High420
    1071 posts Professional

    93 De Bruyne + Some 87 LB.

    Not that it matters, but isn't there a 96 De Bruyne in packs atm?
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